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Griffith Park Observatory

August 21, 2008

Griffith Park Observatory

Family and friends are all you need for a wonderful evening at the observatory. Stars breaking through the crisp night sky overlooking the twinkling lights from the city of angels. The hills lined by Hollywood's brand with twisting trails down Griffith Park makes the shy paths seem inviting. Who else to better host the Griffith Observatory than Jimmy D., "the rebel" himself; a resurrected structure, but have so many memories with no needed cause.

Here I am, days away from embarking on my life's greatest adventure, and with the company I hold this evening I cannot feel more blessed. The white lining walls and smooth rails guided my feet down Colonel Griffith's intimate dream. From stars to moons, to glass and timely pendulums, watercolors on ceilings and a planetarium that sent your imagination to galaxies afar, all seem to make you quiver at God's powers.

Roscoe's an added friend to our path home down the 405. Sometimes an evening can pass with no forgiveness, but perhaps it's in that spirit that makes us cherish each moment to its end.

~Los Angeles, California

Disneyland c.2008

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