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The Getty Villa

October 5, 2007

The Getty Villa

Why Leica? Simply the best. The battle between contrast and resolution has one answer, one consensus, one system with no equal. Leica. The progenitor of the 35mm and digital rangefinder, the sole supremacy of optical quality, the movement of photography away from mechanical to a personal encounter with one's artistic expression. My decision to out-grow the Nikkor system have been instigated by the luring and seductive lines of an M2, a blessing from the shores of China since its previous owner's vision had prematurely aged before the expiration date of the Summicron glass. Soon after the acquistion of the "normal", I was again haunted by the other pair of ranges that would ultimately fulfill the Leica's potentials, the Elmar and Summaron quickly handled the task. The chromatic film system had offered unbelievable pictures that were portrayed throughout the DiMAGE scans; unbelievable results and of course, the legendary "Leica glow". Its B&W reproductions were far superior to the previous Kogaku lineage, making the trade and conversion inevitable. The arrival of the digit rangefinder, the Leica M8, and its soon-to-be accompanying mate, Summilux, has been greatly anticipated and the image output a welcoming refreshment for this coming autumn.

~Malibu, California

Huntington Beach c.2007

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