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Come on in and enjoy a little bit of the smooth and indulging sweets that we've got on our shelves.  Check out our brochures and have a quick read of our newsletter - it will give you a flavor of what we are all about.  Nothing is sweeter and just like candy.





AMAZING!! We are so happy with our engagement shoot. We had a blast and the pictures were BEAUTIFUL. He can really make anything look good lol. Great editing for the slideshows and excellent choice in music as well. Looking forward to working with Sweet Shots Fotographie again



He is very talented and very patient photographer who can make every captured moments really amazing and beautiful. I love all the photos that he took for me and my friends.



He does a phenomenal job. He is very talented and experienced. Pays attention to details. It has always been a fun experience. Looking forward to work with him again. Highly recommended!!!



The attention to detail is unbelievable. One of the easiest photographers to work with hands down. He has a unique talent in capturing your special moments and creating such memorable videos from all the content. Trust Tuananh to document your day in a memorable way! His style is one that I haven't ever seen before. There were some photos that he took that I didn't even know he's taking! He treats the photos with the respect they deserve. Look at the work that he has produced. It speaks for itself.



"We finally got back from Vegas and Jenna was able to open the package late last night.....and she absolutely LOVED both albums. We didn't however get to look at the cd with all the pictures yet because we don't have cd drive on my computers at home :) but I'm sure they will be beautiful! Thank you for taking the most beautiful pictures of my sister and her husband. I know he will love it too! He is still back in Ohio and won't be here until next week!

Thank you again for making sure we got amazing photos and also for your generosity in making the larger album for us. That is something my sister always wanted to do and it's now going to be a perfect addition to their new home."


Arghawan DaneshAdil

"I am thinking how to say thanks that could deserve your precious and great work. Tuan you are a great artist. No doubt! Thank you very much both of you that made Dana's childhood an everlasting beautiful memory. It means a lot to us."


Thomas & Janet (Exceeds Expectations)

"Thank you Sweet Shots Fotographie for capturing our baby's first days of life!  You both are an amazing dynamic duo that combine creativity, unique artistry and professionalism.    We felt very comfortable to have you in our home with our newborn baby girl and capture intimate family portraits for us to remember for a lifetime.  We were amazed by the quality and personalized touch you put into our family album/package!  Thank you for the bottom of our hearts!!."


Kathir (Impressive Portfolio)

"The quality of photos and depth of detail is quite impressive. Would definitely consider working with you guys."


Chrystal Park (Aidan's Dohl)

"I loved working with Sweet Shots Fotographie! They were very professional and easy to work with. They are very quick with answering e-mails and any questions or concerns that my client had. I am an event planner so I was the main contact for Aidan's dohl. They made sure to capture every moment and had all pictures ready within a month. They are amazing!"


Sam (Love Them)

"There are 2 photographers and they both are awesome!!  We had a pretty strict budget and they were super accomodating, all you need to do is ask.We used them for engagement pics and for the wedding and we couldn't be happier.  The pictures look great and they understood that we were a laid back couple... that was a big help. They were fun and enthusiastic.  They were also creative, b/c I had no idea what I wanted... Overall, I would definitely recommend them!!"


Kayla (Portraits)

"Even if you are not a model, sweet shot photography will make you look like one. The magic is not in the outfit, the makeup, nor the surroundings. The magic happens when your most beautiful natural look and smiles are captured with the staffs from sweet shot photography. I have not work with anyone who has such high standard and passion as much as the staffs here.
During my photo shoot session, I didn't feel rushed because of time constraint at all, while i felt rushed with other photographers when they are on the clock. More than that, the session is like going on an adventure to explore a creative process and creating wonderful artworks where you are actually in the beautiful paintings itself (photos in this case).  At the end of the session, not only I feel great about the way i look but I also discover my inner beauty during the process. Taking photos have never been more fun and self rewarding until I spent some time with the staffs here."


Teresa (Anniversary)

"Congratulations to Sweet Shots Fotographie, you should be proud for the great works being recognised.Take care & hope to see you in Australia soon."


Tammy (Wedding)

"Hi, TA.  These are great!! So nice and beautiful. Thank you"


Connie (Baby Aidan)

"We really like our pictures!  Thanks for everything! It was great working with you guys!"


Juan Fernandez Flore (Love From Espana)

"Awesome!  Thank you very much, we really appreciate your kindness.  Saludos!"


Erika (Fabulous!)

"The images are absolutely amazing! I can't wait to blow some up and print them! You guys did a fabulous job!"


Nicky (CK: My New Purpose In Life!)

"I thought tonight was just going to be any ordinary night at home. However, I was gravely mistaken. Unbeknownst to me, one of my friends, Calvin Kleber, is about to take off in his modeling career. He showed me a video that was put together by Sweet Shots Fotographie, and instantly, I felt my entire life change for the better. I was once lost and without direction in life. After watching the miraculous, legendary, and godly video, I immediately felt a surge of motivation and purpose within me. Thank you."


Johanson (Amazing)

"Your recent, "cK" video is just gorgeous. As an aspiring photographer myself, this photoshoot really just gave me the inspiration and motivation to continue with my dream. The depth and the beauty of the shots is just how I perceive the world, and the choice of model was just a great selection. Thank you so much for your video: it is my source of inspiration and I will mention Sweet Shots Fotographie to whoever asks me who pushed me to pursue my dream."


Cynthia D. (Sweet Recommendation!)

"I had a wonderful experience with SSF/SE, the photographers made me feel extremely comfortable and their packages are a steal!  I also ordered some desserts with my photo package for a birthday event and the truffles/pops were a hit!  Great service, great people, and great quality, thanks so much for making my experience memorable!"


Ailene & Russell (Thank you!)

"It was truly our pleasure working with Tuananh of Sweetshots. They made us feel at ease from the very get-go; from interviewing us to shooting our engagement pictures to capturing our special day. Tuananh took the time to get to know us and the style of pictures we were looking for. The pictures they took were creative, fun, but most of all beautiful. The video they produced was beyond impressive and we get many compliments of how good it was!  Sweetshotsfotographie 100% hit the nail right on the head and we couldn’t be happier with how they captured the most important moments of our day.  We highly recommend Sweetshotsfotographie for anyone looking for a professional photographer that will put you at ease from day one."


Robin (Sweetness in a POP!)

"My co-workers and I had ordered the cake pops for a potluck and they were gone in a POP! Everybody enjoyed them and thought the theme decorations were adorable. The cake pops were delicious, moist, and fun to eat. Thanks for letting us end our day on a sweet note :)"


Tran (Perfect)

"had a very nice time having our pictures taken. didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Tuananh was a very friendly person and had us do very family cute poses. came out very naturally, very happy with the pictures. thank you!"


Cindy (Sweet As Can Be!)

"Love Love Love SweetShotsFotographie!! Super professional, super sweet! Very creative people who came up with poses that were natural and comfortable. Final edits came out amazing! Kind,  talented, genuine people. They were able to capture priceless moments that my family and I can enjoy forever. I highly recommend SweetShotsFotographie for any event that you want to be photographed to perfection!"










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