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Dear Dean

May 25, 2021

So they say that you’re the size of a mango, quickly working your bowels, and most importantly, growing healthily in your mom’s belly until that first meet that we will have in the coming months. Your mother and I are on our Delta flight for your Babymoon! It’s the first official trip for the three of us and trust me sweetheart it’s been a long time waiting for us. I am beyond excited to finally get to meet you, hold you, kiss you, and love you. Can’t wait for you to learn your first shutter and wrench your first build on two wheels…just like your first steps and the words you will mumble. Show you how courtesy and politeness goes further than any jealousy or judgment, and may your intelligence and talents take you further than anything that I can dream to achieve in this lifetime. Hopeful to share with you the finer things in life, not by cost but by worth. Maybe you will pick up a sport or two to enjoy, or craft your skills in the word of melodies like grandpa, or fashion real estate and design or master some recipes like the women in our family, or find the most humble of professions to make your own. Never forget all of the stories of where our family came from, we are nothing without all of the loving sacrifices of your grandparents and everyone before them. Whether you kick it in J’s, chill in a pair of Van’s, or go crash the waves in some thong sandals, just enjoy yourself in this one life and take it full send to do your best - and to be the best. Learn from life’s failures and carry yourself with esteem, it’s within those moments that you truly learn and understand yourself; there you will find your peace and resolve. As we venture on this short trip together to the Emerald City, I hope our laughter finds you, I hope our love will always comfort you, and I hope it won’t be much longer until we take our next adventure together.

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