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June 25, 2017

Moments of a glance that disheartened even the most strongest of will, the soft and tender smile that brings my heart to its calm but rhythmic joy.  Her presence in each and every sunrise makes my emotions ever ready to embrace the day at its utmost vigor, for I know it is in those soft and innocent tones that I dare crave to hear at a moment's sigh.  Eyes of a goddess that charmed her way into the mystique of the unordinary, the last visual wanderer, the passionate observer, the charming romantic, and yet only in my whisper does she know my darkest of secrets and may phathom the scars upon my heart.  For so long, I have thought that the forsaken have yet turn its back upon me once again, for my soul runs dry and without an opportune chance to gasp for its final breath.  But in this relief, in those adorable and heavenly eyes, I again find that piece of happiness that have somewhere along life's busiest of walks have found its way into the shadow - but now a step into the light that stands beyond.  Her innocence amazes me, her charm completes me, her tenderness loves me, and her eyes had me at hello.

Key West

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