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June 8, 2018

Pushing back and anticipating some familiar faces that I’ve whole heartedly missed from stateside. Grumbling for some good old home cooking, venture those familiar backroads, but beyond that are the love and company of some amazing family and friends that have been so distant across these blue skies and starred filled nights. The excitement puts a smile on my heart and with my hand wrapped in hers I am never alone again on this long journey in life, and better yet these short adventures that we have always promised to make together.

Touchard awaits our journey home in a week’s time and like the many chapters that I’ve written in this ambitious journal, this is the beginning of yet many stories that awaits the short lines that follow. The blue shudders comfort the roaring lady in red with her embroidered glass dress as she enters into the grandness of sunshine against a series of window planes and a vast sparkling counter to seat the best of friends and the sweetness of family. Istanbul’s finest crystal to christen the dim shadows below, while the triple point merch prepares for its finest debut with some company from their cousins in Lancaster. Savage.

From the proper Address of Gettysburg to the stages of Alice and her mysterious wonderland, or the romantic walks along the riverbed of Harrisburg’s finest art festival whilst the cheers of the dugout of Camden Park. Or the strum of an angel against the symphony of artists that accompanied Bernstein at the Meyerhoff. But let’s not forget Fluffy’s race along Caton’s docks to the tiny muddy toes that danced the finish line at Patterson Park. Yet it was the teaser to our vows that find one of the proudest moments in my life, to see you finish that journey that you were always meant to complete. She would have been so proud…because she is so proud! Frown less. Smile more. So let’s go make some worthwhile memories, time-is-a-ticking and only a few blinks away from that youthful forty and a gasp away from fifty. Excited to say the least and anxiously calm to hope for more. Send it!

Baltimore, MD

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