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De Javu

February 22, 2017

As fate has it, the five year curse had finally exhausted itself and I myself have nearly ran my course. Following in the belief in myself and the powerful cast that have always loved and urged me selflessly from the rear, I am eager to embark on yet another of life's adventures and its toll on the unforgivable heartaches that I hope to mend at the end of this course. A decade since this same air route on a familiar voyage across the Caribbean blue, but this time I find myself more grounded and blessed than the last. The cotton ball clouds dancing on the palate of colors across the horizon reminded me of when we had first met and the beautiful sunrise and sunset that we have shared between us in so many adventures and storybook entries.

Faith is a powerful reminder to how I have come to a full circle, not to repeat the same mistakes but to better myself and nourish the growth that was so necessary for me to survive and never give up on such a fragile and tender dream. Why endure it with such passion, with such vigor, with such stubbornness?  Because of all of those reasons and those I have yet conditioned myself to fully understand. From a broken man yearning for any future, I am more than elated to have this opportunity to reboot and revamp a future that I have worked so hard to recreate. What the future holds is always beyond us, but I have learned that what there is for us to control we must grasp tightly with both hands and never let it ponder, never let us second guess itself, assure it with affection and the intensity of nothing less than your utmost sincerity. Then let it breath and find life in the path that lays before you and be confidant that it isn't luck this time around but pure grunt and hard work.

Never would have found photography to such a deep and personal extent, never would have experienced as a scholar the endless possibilities on medicine and its array of beautiful partitions. Never would have partake in a clinical trial that will contribute to a cure that will save the millions of victims of my own potential demise.  As much as the fear of stagnancies and the feeling of being stuck in life's mucky reality, I would never have imagined the many luck that have creeped its way into this tragedy. I take it with a grain of salt, but I also will never forget the bitter sweet memories of a past that have given me so much to learn from, and now a future that I can only say was created for me, by me, and with me in its overall nature. The prayers from those that I love have placed me here in 21A window seat, it is their guiding inspiration that I must thank and without them there is no hope for moments like these…moments that breath life.  N.S.D.C.

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