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Disney Epcot Center

July 3, 2010

Disney Epcot Center

The Keys to the south, Naples westward, and the isles to my east, it was clear that my sails were clipped and northbound was the only option. Thunder and lightning brims across the loops of highway that side winded the path to an avenue far less traveled that to its coastal parallel. Large fields of agriculture framed by a web of short adorable fence lines and dirt paths welcomed the coming storms. Over in the distance hid the melancholic homes of distant neighbors, who tailored themselves to peace of mind and peace of soul. A blink from the past saturated my senses; it was all too familiar and mirrored my Lancaster. Signs of a hidden Lake Okeechobee greatly differed from its sight. Swept over the small crest that lined the waters, it poked at every passenger’s curiosity at no end. As the dark clouds shared its space with the crescent moon and her terrestrial sparks, large spikes of the evergreens served as a backdrop for the setting light at dusk. The fresh aroma from the green pastures filled my senses, the clasped wings of an unfortunate friend laid somewhere in the rear, and I am fortunate enough to be in her company. Through the darkness lit a bright golden dome emitting from the land of fairytales, wizardry, myths, and one’s endless imagination. Down International Drive was a multitude of colors, billboards, eateries, and a tower high bungee sling for the brave. With Checkers in my belly, it was time to cuddle and into dreams I bid.

The happiest place on earth, although I’ve been to it before, it was my introduction to the Resort. The Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, more notably by its mnemonic, EPCOT, was truly a dream come true. With the cheering squad from Venezuela screaming their lungs through the gates around me, it oddly lifted my mood and even cradled a smile or two. Trotting my way through the worlds of EPCOT, I found that every frame in my viewfinder was a swindle from a more realistic landmark. For my eyes were fooled by the blue sapphire tiles of ancient Japan, the multitude of colors that mesh into minuscule tiles that lined the Moroccan bathhouses, a mimicking French tower, small water voyages in the land of emperors and Vikings, a hidden castle for the elves, red telephone booths greeted by Sir McCartney himself, and the Americans and her neighbors, but beyond all of this creativity I was most endeared by a gang of youngsters that tumbled, arched, and leaped their ways into my heart. Perhaps it is best that I let the images tell you my story, they seem to find the right choice in words this time around.

~Orlando, Florida

Eola Lake

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