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Final Stay

January 9, 2018

Bite the bullet they always say, but this farewell will be the last and final heartache of many across these blue waters. The soft kisses, the gentle morning hellos, the smiles that greet me each and everyday across the spinning door off Calvert Street. Those cute, adorable, and clumsy little feet that skates across those chilled Charm City sidewalks. I smile as her arm links tightly to mine, step by step, hand in hand, Bon-Chon chicken and Tour d’Jours to keep us smiling and chatting all the way home.

She comforts me with those eyes, my rage burning from a guilty heart, yet calms as she smiles when Phoebe gestures a Friends adieu. My heartache yearns for her company, my soul sleeps until I am with her again, my smile lost and without hope.

To my return, the future we have always wanted. A beautiful home to build together, a family to make together, and a future so perfect that I cannot see otherwise with my one and only soulmate.

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