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Huntington Beach Pier

September 24, 2007

Huntington Beach Pier

There's a time in the day when the sun seems to surrender his rays to the casting moon. She lights up, as if she understands her eternal task, never by his side, but always as his most intimate companion. The multitude of colors dancing in the horizon, the chill of the coming autumn, the soggy sanded was time to surrender. Pacing myself to a radiant sunset, I saw only the reminiscence of our friendly star. To my amazement, the reward of the twilight and its ballad of colors was beyond what an image can ever entail. As I follow the lines of footprints left behind from the day, I stumbled upon a pair of surfing mates coming out to the shores of "Surf City" to tease my rangefinder as they frolic above the crest of the thundering waves. As they cycle the beach to catch another surf, they offered me a glimpse into their mystique, power, and friendship. As the melodies of the "Little Surfer Girl" whispering from the edges of my lips, I knew then why a clan of beach boys was so moved by these beautiful sirens.

As my lens turns, my shutter releases, I become lost in the moment. Every range, every angle, the images were stunning. The pillars of the pier gave spectacular details and crisp colors of the night as I stop down on the 'cron. I've seen this place so many times before and yet each time it reveals to me something that is as intimate and pleasing as a candlelight. The rows of streetlamps sparkled in the arriving fog, I can only describe it as a crafted pictore' from a dream.

As I headed home, the lasting image of Main Street sparkled like the eyes of my first love. Step by step, I lose myself to the night, to the ocean, to the lights; each calling to me for one last dance.

~Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach Pier

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