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La Puebla Blanca

November 12, 2019

“La Puebla Blanca” they told us, but it wasn’t Santorini but rather cute white Spanish villages scattered throughout the once frontiers of Sevilla. We decided to rent a convertible and head out of Sevilla towards even further south of Spain towards Acros de la Frontieres and the major maritime port of Cádiz.

Approaching Acros were endless loops and open countryside that looked and feel very familiar to the Mediterranean climate and the landscape of Temecula. But as the climb began up to the white village above, the narrow roads became as thin as a tightrope to drive through...yet the locals easily navigated through with their mopeds and autos without a blink. We took a short stroll through the cobblestone steps of this beautiful place towards a small church that sits atop the hill. A barking terrier came roaring out of its veranda to greet us, with some elderly folks making their quaint afternoon strolls. A river runs below the small village that leads to the end of the horizon as we peaked through the narrow fenced windows that lined the city walls.

As we waved goodbye to Acros and headed to Cádiz, we were reminded by some very hospitable folks from the local policemen to the gas clerk at a pit stop of what a great people the Spaniards are and how welcomed we’ve felt throughout this visit. Cádiz was a small town with its usual classic church in the center of town with a City Hall not too far from the harbor.

We wandered the city hand in hand, it set the mood for a very romantic walk as we reminisce about the past few years and all of the incredible people we’ve met along the way.

We closed out the evening with some Michelin Star cuisines that were simply incredible and a must-have if you’re ever in the south of Spain. Acros and Cádiz were well worth the day trip, as we headed back to Sevilla for more adventures through Santa Cruz and Triana in the coming days.

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