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Le Concours d'Elegance

June 8, 2011

Le Concours d'€™Elegance

There was a silence within me, not that of sound but that of color. An enraged rapture epitomizes the chaos and jubilation that instills within, into which direction does the encompassing rays direct? Sitting with an arching posture, the crimson embroidery crumples upon the crest of my heart, as if a beacon of colored rainbows awaited my next move. Crossing the lot that I have familiarized my every sense through the years, I reached a slight down slope in a haven of dazzling colors, polished linings, roaring bellows, all summed as the hot rods. Le concours d'elegance seemed too extravagant of a theme for this collection, but like all things in life and all things above and below, the truth is by far a bargain of reality.

My eyes glared by the spectacular smooth lines as if sculpted from Olympus'€™ greats. The merry spirit that coasted the authors of these pieces was a sure treat for any visitor, especially this one. It was in this delight that the most darling of tales derived itself, just a literary perfection for an afternoon stroll in the park.

A young teen and his adoring father mutually loved a cherry red Ford roadster, imagine their glee as they cruised into the local square for some condiments and soda pops. Imagine an era where youth and naiveté's were natural beauties that were engraved deep in every character. Where love was always passionate, friendships adorned, and country was for God. It was in this that chivalry and charm embellished itself fully. Five young friends stand in front of a classic to take a snapshot of their youthful arrogance and wondrousness. The young man places the ring on his beautiful young bride as they pack the roadster high and ventures as far West as the sea allows. As time passed, the lining on his face pardons the life that they have lived with many smiles, many dreams, and always signed with much love. Still, each day with a new dawn and with a sense of everlasting adventures, they proceeded on and on. Nearly fifty years have passed, en route to St. Louis they went, to meet some old friends, to greet some old acquaintances, and to stretch the legs on that old roadster once more. As the glass chimes, the hugs and kisses amidst, it was once again in the same frame lines that five young friends stand, and will always stand, in front of a classic.

~Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach, CA

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