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Los Fotos Del Mexico

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

July 26, 2013

San Francisco, CA

Los Fotos Del Mexico

These are a series of images taken from several locations throughout the eastern and western coastal regions showcasing the Mexican culture, landscape, and romanticism. The preliminary image of the series was taken under the cool coastal breeze of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where a couple finds deep conversation and mingles with the setting sun, all serving as a romantic backdrop for the boughs of a sailboat. The centering image captures a mariachi band playing for a small gathering of young lovers at the edge of the La Bufadora cliffs on the shoreside of Ensenada. Large whales are seen off the coast breaching during this late Spring season, accompanied by the soothing rhythms of the stringed instruments that echos and bellows off the chambered caves of the Mexican landscape. The final image pinpoints the lustrious landscape of Ensenada from a distant hilltop behind a small hidden alley. The open corridor flushes in the fresh scents of Spring and the color renditions that flows from the red adobe roofs to the outstretching buds of greens admist the accompany fog fills the morning air. Romanticism is capture through the entire series, perhaps, it is the climatic culture of the region, perhaps it is the welcoming words of Spring; nonetheless, it is the experience that have captured these photographs and I was akin to its finesse and generosity.

~Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

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