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May 12, 2015

Finding myself just a few short miles from the border, home of the carne asada fries, the lonely Chargers, and the foggy walk at the Gas Lamp District, into where the cadence chimed in harmony, "orale vato!".  The lane filled with low-riders and their creators, sparkled under the haze of the soft sun lite clouds.  The intricate pieces of Lucky Strikes on the dust proof dash, the insane detail and effort by these artists and their painted masterpieces, and the powerful camaraderie of friendship, family, and ethnic loyalty, gave meaning to this short walk.  As I gazed to my right, a cloud of smoke filled with music, feathers, and a colorful tribe, hummed and drummed its way into the hearts of all those nearby.  An overwhelming lushness of vibrant colors that gave no vacancy for shadows, pushing its tones deeper and deeper into my eyes so that it can reap its roots deep into my being. 

A week of depression, a week of salvation, a week of exultation.  Although my mind and heart are in the depths of agony, I strive forward to find a new sense and a new longing for this life...within this confine of a moment, I once again exist as the most alert of any observer, but yet ignorant to my mortality and belligerent to my own fate.  The struggle is never far, but today it is closer than most, and so I breath and in the next, or yet, the next step, I will be free again.  Like the rolling crowd cheering against the banister of hope, the white tailored costumes and extravagant threaded dresses of these dark-skinned angels, I am that much closer to a peace of mind, and more importantly, a peace at heart.

As the sum of tacos filled my intestines, I can hear the screeching of Santana's guitar, hauling me, calling me, stalling me, to the tempo of his strings.  A young brunette hums her cords, as a group of ladies tickled the stage with their heals and sexy Latin charisma.  It was again in this place, so many years ago, that I was filled with her thoughts, I was introduced to her love, and I had forgotten what was bestowed upon me....these are the charms of a goddess in her golden dress that mystified, simplified, and rectified my existence and all else, passion for this lifetime. 

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