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New England

September 18-22, 2012

New England

The Fall had arrived to much of my delight. I had partaken’d in this short journey through some familiar tunnels, many of which I have summoned from those tender dreams of long ago. From the landing strip of The Queens to the small empty bulgogi-steamed tofu delicacy of this wretched place, I have always loved its lack of a peculiar demise like the irony of a fragile dandelion creeping through the cracks of the filthy brazened cement. Leaving Gotham over the wired cable bridges with her by my side, it was like the many familiar adventures we have encountered on, yet a brand new route freshly prepared for our footprints to create.

Passing along the changing leaves as the dotted yellow quickly paved into a solid lane, we were anti-parallel to the stream of Okasaki fragments of black and engrossed suburbans’ entourage of the future elected commander. Obama? Romney? Who knows? Who cares? Not today. Conversations about past, future, and our esteemed moments led to our arrival at the heart’s valley, where booze was a luxury that westerners can only fathomed their puzzled demeanor – only to be satisfied by a clerk from the orient and her youthful bar. Wine and foie-gras waited along with a short trip to the local postal by morn.

Philly was as iconic as a classic of these New England territories, where our greatest of fathers have bared their visions, ideas, and dignity for all that bore this great land. The City of Brotherly Love! Hand in hand along the edges of the Liberty Bell, herself, with the Independence Hall tower blurred upon her chimes. A short narration along the hall and square was a mint of a treat. Rushing back to find a forged letter of violation on the dash was a splint, but nothing can dampen my mood of this place. Around the corner to the US Mint, Franklin Court, 1st US Bank, and the Todd House were all beautiful glimpses of history; where love was romanced by that for country than self. Geno's and Pat'€™s kept us company on the long road out!

It wasn't the Capitol, White House, or the list of monuments that welcomed us to D.C., rather it was the German symbol of excellence that took that task to hand. A short stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue to find the secret service car at the curb was surely surreal, someone of importance was nearby. A flight down the metro took us to the steps of the Capitol where pictures filled my rangefinder without ease. Capturing the last few rays at the painted symbol that headed our walk to a parade of red coats and their brass decore, serenading the tomb of the Great Abe himself. As she sits at the steps overlooking the twinkling reflections of the mirrored icon, I turned to find that the enlightened ones also found solace in such a peaceful soul.

Down Constitution's path and across the Potamic flow was the historical survivor of that faithless September day. A short trip back to Leica and we filled our troubled appetite at the local foundry farms. I was at peace on that highway home, comforted by the memories that have now revisited me in this dream come true at last.

Getting the scenic front view of the greyhound-sized beast was indeed perfect; I could see every inch of landscape at my leisure. The color more pronounced the more north we headed. Finally, I sat foot into the city of America's soul, where the great Revere, Adams, and a league of gods have called home. As the great Constitution rests her sails, we wandered into the Barking Crab for some lobster rolls and the legendary chowder. The double decker took us along the channel, even as far as those heralded leagues of Cambridge that bellows across Longfellow Bridge. Along the path was noted the Boston Commons, Mass General, City Hall, and the iconic Charleston Bridge and its hovering Bunker Hill. However it was the highlight of our trip to watch men dancing dirty by Faneuil Hall, and stuffing ourselves silly with chowder and rolls at the benches inside Quincy Market. A true delight, although we missed desert it will be avenged!

New York, New York, New York. Home Sweet Home!!

240 Willoughby St.  #12K

Brooklyn, NY 11201

1261 Bergen St. #2R

Brooklyn, NY 11213

Brooklyn: Marquet Patisserie, Norstrand St. (pizza), Cheng'€™s Chinese Food, Joya Thai, Lebanese Food,

Manhattan: Canal St. (pizza), Waffles & Dinges, Chicken & Rice, #1 Hand Pulled Noodles, Lombardi'€™s

Queens/Flushings: Cha Time, New World Mall'€™s "mixed bowl"

~New York, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Boston

Manhattan, NY

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