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New York Christmas

December 25, 2016


(New York Christmas) Off the 6, the scurrying footsteps against the blurred gestures of a moving train found its solace in the few travelers that drifted down from their cozy suites just above 42nd and Park. Grand Central and her pillars lay fragile to the bolstering steel of the brawn and bold skeleton of the great Empire State. A quick pardon at the local stand for some dogs on a cob, but who can forget the delicatessen from the oriental stew and the savoring trims of our appetites' galore. The evening's laughter seeped deep into our dreams with the phantom masks that tickled our tailbones and jiggled its charm deep into our hearts. Our time here has passed its start, but love, family, and the memories will always find its way home to Gotham...where my mind is finally at peace and my heart is forever young.

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