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North Market

January 12, 2016

As the haunting tones of Adele flaunted it's way into my dreams, I felt the casual notes that chimed my arrival into Cleveland. It seemed the chills of this place have delayed its christening and the first snowflakes are yet conceived in this chilled breeze along the Great Lake. Welcomed by the flavor of curry and naan; warmed by the brim of a cement pot, time seemed to have stood still in the few days that have lapsed, with short walks to the local markets and sprees, empty handed at the shops but always filled with warmth from those small and adorable hands that have always known its place. Adventures can be found in any small memories, even those so naive to adorn such an idea; but it is the passion, the sweet moments, and the love from one's soulmate that commits one to the smallest adventures to be that of the greatest ones of all.

On the 71 southbound, we talked, laughed, quarreled as if it was that evening under that open dock so many years ago, always poised by the Leica but now no longer the centerpiece to the conversation but rather it sits benched in the rear seat. A quick stop to a desolate outlet that few will venture to close a deal. The countryside barrenness barks gave a surreal nature that Spring is only a broken promise as Winter creeps her claws further into the air. Time and space gave refuge to the feelings of happiness and the madness of content that can only come with the one you love. Just a heartbeat more.


The empty city welcomes us as we casually stroll into its heart. Dirty Frank and his dirty hotdog palace was both charming and flavor-filled, especially when accompanied by a stout or two. Yet it was the eager drive to the North Market that inspired us for a common bowl of pho. Surprised how the Midwest had some how devoured the ethnic tongue of those that crafted this familiar broth from the same veins that lined my own being. A short stroll down High Street and back to the glittery lights along the entrance of the market were some unique furry critters that roamed these melancholic streets. They welcomed me into their clan and for a moment my shutter was filled with their glee, inspiration, uniqueness, individuality, and utmost creativity. An amazing and unexpected meeting of characters!

But before we could get cozy and steal the fire's warmth, it was impeccable that we took the short walk along Columbus Commons, the sparse lights that were left from the holiday celebrations still laid across the courtyard. Pressing red and green buttons on a webbed jungle-gym kept us acquainted to this Midwestern town. We woke up to the calling of the local Deutschland to an amazing 32 rooms of the Book Loft. The German Village filled our appetites with Skillet's Andouille Sausage Gravy before homeward bound to the North Coast.

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