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September 17, 2017

Admist the sulfur blooms that line the vast valley that succumbs the pair of Pitons that find its masculine lines that aline the Caribbean blue of Souffriere. The short bumpy turns that vanishes into a desolate trail that renders for one but lasts for two. The bridge that fills the air that hovers above the gentle stream that flows below. The comfort of some new friends and a darling set of eyes that always keeps me at calm. Let not the past be the shadow that hums its agony to such a epiphany, but rather the soul of the moment that should overwhelm and take us by the hand. Smile won't you? In tender sleep the river lays and my hope your mind at ease, your soul at peace, and your heart is with whom you choose.

Turmoil brings an envy heart to believe in something it fails to own. I find myself frolicking in the rhythmic motions of the waves as if Poseidon's fingertips gently graze against my legs. Heartache. It's been too long since we've conversed on something, but it's been too long since those tender lips have found it's way once again into the deepest depths of my heart. But the night and his phantoms brings the reminder of the demons that have been careless and neglected the innocence and passion of a pure heart. Strive to make my peace, pains the dilemma that arms my agony and succumbs me at each tick of the clock. Peace is far from me and a distant memory in my heart, but I must still believe that love is a beckon that seldom shine its light for this lost sailor, but in hope I live and in dreams I stay, that my days with her are only at the start and not...the last.

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