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The Fourth Hourseman

November 10, 2013

The Fourth Horseman

The fourth horseman had arrived to serve his three kings, noble and true as his predecessors before him. This incarnation seemed to have begun as an ill-faith, one of which found rectification and redemption in its lord by a vow of virtue and obedience to its true natural existence. One can bear witness to his legendary blades, the powerful emblem of his red shield, and his immaculate vision of the world. Esteemed from a vintage of honorable Pulitzers, the dashing young knight is a charming reminder of a time when substance was not found through the value of a shilling, but rather the honor of an abiding handshake or the companionship of the brotherhood at arms.

As the years pass and the passports of these adventurers wear through the test of time, one can only phantom what their memories have relished behind its curtains. The beautiful glances of love, commitment, and the forever passion between two lovers; the youthful softness of those adorning smiles in the comfort of the loving arms who nurture them; the many footprints that mark the trickling steps of age with all of its bound mysteries, adventures, and creativity. By far, the horseman of yesteryears is bound to their contemporaries, not only by the code that they live, but beyond that, the beating heart that sustains their every thought and emotion.

To where do these horsemen gallantly ride towards? A forlorn sunset, the apocalypse, into the arms of their lovers? It is in these simple mysteries that keep the untold stories filled with so many alternatives, but for now, they are brothers confide to this lifetime and engrained to this simplified existence. Breath.

Huntington Beach, CA

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