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This Family of Mine

April 10, 2011

This Family of Mine

It had always been a mystery to me. How revelations, ideas, and the fluttering imagination, not only capture our every decision, but serve as the cornerstone to what leads our lives. In conversation with my dear parents, I cherish the sacrifices and nude love that have nourished me and to realize my utter existence. It is in their youth as parents, where not only a love story that embellishes the beginning, but it is their triumphant struggle, perseverance, and unique creativity that dazzles my conscious. It is in their exuberant laughter and the tone set in moments of desperation that tickles one’s curiosity. A young schoolgirl finds her prince through his tenor tones, something as sweet as dew drops glazed upon the morning petals. As curators of the ill, the treachery they’d endure through the trials and tribulation of a country torn by shame and ignorance, bleeds the sacrifices that stains the generations to follow. It is in these moments, these blissful and ill-blessed moments that a story conjures from the ashes. A young mother carries in her womb a child yet to be due into such a forsaken world, a young father who humbly adores life and finds the courage to pervade the idols of ignorance and seek faith in liberty. As they shuffle to the edges of the vessel that will guide a fate yet pardoned, they were burdened by the open arms of a grandmother whose hands were guided by the Virgin to spare a child of yet to age in months. As the silver strands coupled his once polished demeanor, a grandfather with an ache in his heart travels at any length to find refuge for his darling child. It is in these wartime tragedies, that stems the beauty of the human heart and the passion of the human soul. It is through my veins that their beauty and passion remain and will always define me in this life and every of which to come. I honor them. I thank them. I love them. I am them.

~Huntington Beach, California

Huntington Beach, CA

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