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Universal Studios

July 2, 2010

Universal Studios

As the rays creep along the slight edge of the translucent curtain and angle its light onto my lashes, I awakened with a rather mellow excitement – perhaps only a fanatic would find a Wizarding World more intriguing, very much like my guide. Soon enough, I found myself standing alongside a coal-toned locomotive engine head with its "Express"€ trail cars hidden behind a large connecting wall lining Hogsmeade. To my left was Zonko"s, Honeyduke'€™s, and the Three Broomstick's; my right Ollivander's, Dervish & Banges, and the old Owl Post Office. Although a skeptic, it was obvious that I will soon be immersed into this fairytale and if you don't mind me saying, a quaint believer. The city was marvelously placed on a narrow winding cobblestoned path, spiraling pointed roofs pierced into the foggy air, and the street filled with wizards and muggles with their fist mugged in Butter Beer. Onward we marched into the Dragon’s Challenge, uplifting our spirits with its velocity and loops, pairing with its roaring twin across the misty hills. Beyond the outskirts of the village laid the Forbidden Journey, a quest into Hogwarts to meet Mr. Weasley, Madame Granger, and, of course, Sir Potter himself. A magnificent castle painted into a flat background of mist and creativity, on par with the words from its maker. I couldn'€™t help but absorb the glee and giggles that emitted from youthful faces that surround me as we loop into the heart of the elating structure. With characters that moved within their framed walls and holograms that conversed with the ant trail that snaked around every corridor and steps. As Dumbledore greets the guests in his chamber, so do the young trio on an oddly placed balcony, up the winding steps into the dormitory, and finally face-to-face with the dementors. Mimicking the Triwizard Tournament, we join Harry in flight over the animated sky of Hogworts. The evil of Lord Voldemort'€™s splintered soul kept our eyes alert for any signs of his many horcruxes or family of Death Eaters, or even worse, the pathetic authorities from the Ministry of Magic. As the guests slowly trickled out, it was soon my turn to face reality. All in all, I arrived a skeptic and left somewhere along the lines of a handicapped wizard – full of ambition but with far less talents. There may be neither spark in my wand nor invisibility in my cloak, but today I was a kid again, are you so lucky?

~Orlando, Florida

Orlando, FL

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