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Up In The Air

September 26, 2010

Up In The Air

Up in the air. Like a blink of an eye, my stay here has come to term and I must bid it farewell. In full circle it seems, where life seem to depart and arrive at the most accurate time and space, as if to test the validity of one’s mortality. Although eager to take the next step, there are so many things in this place that have, if not scarred, then most definitely have marked me as a man. Although cursed and pardoned by many, I find the city, my city, always welcoming me home after many months at sea and air. Perhaps it is not the meager memories set by the magnificent skyline, the glorious gardens that lined Old Cutler, short cruises down US1, or a daytrip to Key West that I will miss, but rather it is the one who accompanied me and those I’ve met along the way. It is these essence in time that have not only captured my heart, but have tightly held my soul. I am cursed by its charm. Where do I stand now in life? Where will the detours, crossroads, and the intersections of life yield my next turn? It is the commonality of these questions and the suspense that superimposes my conscience that drives me to keep my eyes opened at least sparingly for the excitement seemed too tempting at times. Foremost, I am eager to be in the arms, shoulders, and bosoms that have nutured me, love me, and have guided me into who I am today, their compassion has no equal and it is in this light that I am truly blessed. For it is with them that I find the loop most worthwhile; moreover, in that I am content in my jurisdictions. I am blessed by His forgiveness, I’ve found passion in His love, I am at peace from His grace.

Here I am, seated outside Gate D11, there is no sight in a rear mirror that no longer confronts me. My journey has already begun and there is no time to reminisce – for the moment at least. I feel the jittering down my spine as it spikes down to my toes, an anticipation I’ve yet to realize, for it now always feels like I am a visitor and far less from arriving home. Although my stay is brief, there are tasks that I must fulfill to make it complete, it is within these challenges that I live my life to endure, and from it I know my growth is impoverished without them. As family and friends welcome me back to a place I have reserved to only in my dreams, it is here that my heart remains, and it is there that I will always call home.

7000 SW 80th St. Apt. 202 Miami, FL 33143

~Miami, Florida

Manhattan, New York

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