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Vieux Fort

April 20, 2018

Such a familiar feeling as if it was a d’javu from so many years ago, but this time the sense of accomplishment is finite and overwhelming. A feeling of a successful game plan that was executed as well as I could have dreamt. My heart is heavy for the many friendships I leave behind, but my heartache have always been to the love of my life and how much I miss her and counting the months, weeks, days, and now minutes until I touchdown on the tarmac in Charm City.

The long tormenting days and critter screeching nights have finally come to an end. But never will I forget that wild Saturday morning when Sam and I battled a platoon of la cucarachas that dazzled the cabinet top. Or the great evenings like sushi in Castries or crab cake by the shores. Memories at Island Breeze (The Reef Restaurant) and those walks along the shore. Or the welcoming caravan that took us to some of the most beautifully secluded areas on the island and even to the breathing mouth of a volcano top. The many jeopardy games we ran, and my efforts to share the gift of photography with the few that lend their ears. But again, it isn’t the place or the life as a Lucian that I will miss but rather the people that have grown to be my mentors and my companion in this long journey.

Who can forget the eagerly awaited site visit of the entourage, the dressing of each floor, and the opportunity to showcase what I feel we have earned with merit. In gratitude to the incredible faculty that have literally gave us their blood, sweat and tears. What more can I ask of these great people than to offer them my deepest gratitude and to hopefully one day show them my value in their efforts. To the one that kept me company in this year of changes and growth, I cannot thank you enough for your grace, care, and love that you have shown me. The people are what I have found in solace, from Marlin to Mr Wayne as the spinster that blazed the highway every morning and afternoon. For Prudent, the guide that have been instrumental in how I navigate this small town. Or my beloved Shera, how her hands work so hard and endlessly to polish that damn stove to a shine, or the mess of critters that she quickly rescued me from. All in all, this was my family. The people who I trust and have come to fall in love with and truly adore.

And now we are finally approaching BWI. My heart and mind is thumping with excitement. To start this journey with my best friend, my love, and the inspiration to everything I do and hope for. To my darling, Trookie, I am almost home. I am finally home a’las.

Gettysburg, PA

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